Life-sized Doll

January 16th, 2012, 1:41 pm

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my feet belong on the ground god dammit!!!
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2nd Grade: This guy picked me up and suddenly everyone in the class thought it was fun to just pick me up. I blame that guy who I can't remember the name of.... THAT DAMN GUY!!!!

4th Grade: Everyone in the damn class would pick me up either all together or at random moments separately.

7th Grade: I was at the P.E. field once on a school no-class/uniform event and my friends took turns picking me up... they would run around and give me to other friends... after a while, I would stop kicking and screaming....

8th Grade: I have two best friends, Daniela (Dani) and Jessica (Jessie), who are both fucking insane. Yet... Jessie is the craziest, and during lunch she would run around with me on her back screaming for dear life. Once they almost dropped me on my face. I cried for like fifteen minutes from shock.

10th Grade: I met my boyfriend, and he would randomly pick me up... and although I acted like I hated it.... secretly I didn't mind if it was him <3

11th Grade: I still don't mind when it's him and I still get flustered, but he now usually does so when he wants to keep me from something. Sweets is the usual target (I'm like the biggest sweet tooth ever). He keeps telling me to eat healthy, but ugh, I can't give up sodium and sugar!!! (I'll get diabetes one day.... -_-")

Why do people carry me? Is it because I'm small/short and light? So are some of my friends!! Why aren't they lifted off the ground!?!?



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I Heart Artists

Super fun comic. I love it!



Oh Blackie~! My little innocent, mistaken for a boy, and easily picked up artist, you are just too cute

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